About the club

Rugby Club
«Narvskaya Zastava»

Narvskaya Zastava has a rich history as a rugby club. Its origins date back to 1978.

Club achievements

In the difficult years of 1991–1995, the rugby school operated on a pro bono basis and only survived with the support of its enthusiastic coaches Boris Ivanov and Vladimir Lapkin.

1995 saw the establishment of the Narvskaya Zastava Physical Culture and Sports Center State Institution which took charge of the rugby school, and the team was renamed «Narvskaya Zastava» . It has survived the difficult 1990s and continues to set challenging new goals for the future.


Main Club Achievements

2014 year

Rugby Premier League3 Place

Rugby-7 Premier League3 Place

2015 year

Rugby Premier League2 Place

Rugby-7 Premier League2 Place

2017 year

Rugby-7 Premier League1 Place

2018 year

Cup of Russia Rugby Sevens1 Place

2019 year

European Rugby Champions Cup3 Place

2020 year

Cup of the Union States1 Place

Cup of Russia Rugby Sevens2 Place

2021 year

Cup of Russia Rugby Sevens3 Place

Rugby Europe 7s Clubs Championship1 Place

Rugby-7 Russian Championship3 Place

2022 year

Rugby-7 Russian Championship3 Place

Rugby-7 Premier League2 Place

I All-Russian Spartakiad among the strongest athletes of the Russian Federation, as part of the St. Petersburg team3 Place

2023 year

Cup of Russia Rugby Sevens3 Place