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Where will the studies take place?

You can study rugby at the Department of Theory and Methodology of Non-Olympic Sports at the Faculty of Martial Arts and Non-Olympic Sports of the Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, which is one of the best sports universities in Russia.

The department began to offer its specialized Rugby program in 2016. The academic Rugby program was designed by Narvskaya Zastava coach Boris Ivanov together with the entire coaching staff of the club. The leading rugby lecturer is Oleg V. Gamanov, Master of Sports of the USSR, medal winner of the USSR Rugby Championships and former player of the first USSR national team.

You can earn a Bachelor's or Master's degree and receive a coaching certification by studying full or part-time and completing the learning program at the department. Over the course of their studies, students gain basic knowledge of physiology, psychology and coaching methods and are almost immediately engaged in practical work and refereeing.

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